We the Presentation sisters and teachers commit ourselves to the vision and mission of Jesus walking in the footsteps of Nano Nagle. We seek to do this through a spirituality of being in communion that seeks God in the interconnectedness of the whole of creation and promotes active love for God, self, others, the universe and the entire cosmos, thus helping the students “to be” integrated beings. We commit ourselves to

• Enable the students to reach their full potential, by promoting a sense of personal and social awareness which emphasizes the values of honesty and justice.
• To foster a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect between students, staff and the society.
• To instill that everyone in our school community deserves to be cared for unconditionally and values equally as a unique creation of God.

In our learning, in our work, in our relationship, in our play and in ways in which we organize our school activities we are committed to:

• Value based education and faith formation
• Caring for one another.
• Making justice our concern.
• Sustainable use of resources.
• Maximum self esteem
• Enabling growth, learning and transformation.

Nano Nagle’s mission was the same as that of Jesus’ mission, who exemplifies for all people the unconditional compassionate love of God. Drawing our inspiration from Jesus and Nano we at St. Kevin’s feel called to be good news to our people in a very special way through our ministry of education which directed especially to the poor, the oppressed and the voiceless of the society.

In all of the above we place our firm faith in Jesus our Master and follow the saying of Nano: “The Almighty is all sufficient.”


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