The Presentation Schools Objectives

** Our main trust is toward the materially poor
** We foster critical thinking
** Our Education brings about social change
** We promote Christian values

School Motto : FOR FAITH & MORALS
School colour: Green and Gold

Teachers of St. Kevin’s

Among the greatest of all services that can be rendered by humans to Almighty God, is the education and training of Children, so that they can foster by grace in the way of salvation, growing like pearls of divine bounty in the shell of education and will be one day the jewel in the crown of abiding glory.

A quote the words of H.G. Wells

“The Teacher is the real master of History.
The teacher is the Maker of man.
Excellence coupled with equity and soul justice”.

I am Manjula Mariadas.I hail from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. My marital status has brought me to the beautiful homely state of Tamilnadu. I am immensely privileged and honoured to serve in this prestigious and well known institution. I am working here as an English Teacher for the past six years. The Presentation sisters under whose guidance I work have inspired me with the sayings of their foundress Nano Nagle, “ Take us one pace beyond this moment where we stand”. I am totally aware that I need to prepare young people for a world that is constantly changing. So I device my method to prepare them to meet the demands and challenges they would likely face. My passion for teaching has made me understand one thing, “Focus on the journey, not the destination”. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. I fervently pray to the Almighty to help me continue my noble vocation of educating young minds entrusted to my care. Let me have my heart within and God over Head and accomplish my service with humility and dedication.

I am Ms. Amali Celine, happy to be a Maths teacher in St.Kevin’s for 13 years. For me teaching is a vocation and a passion. I believe that nothing happens by chance but by the eternal plan of the Divine Master. That’s the reason, I am here. From the experience as a teacher I realize that teaching is a mutual enlightening effort shared between the teacher and students. Two things that give me zest to go ahead confidently with this challenge are
1. My Trust in God which ascertains “I can do all things with the help of Christ who strengthens me.
2. Whether I win or lose it does not matter but what matters is how I have carried out His task. And I am sure God who has called me to this vocation will be with me to accomplish His plan through me. My joy reaches no bound when I see my students fare well in life.

I am Mrs. Virginia Reneaux a part of the proud and privileged family of St.Kevins. I deem it a great boon to be a teacher in this school for the past 28 years. Since June 6th 1983 I have been greatly blessed by the Almightly to be a friend and guide to the children between the ages of five and fifteen. It has been a great learning and moulding experience all these precious years and I hope and pray that the years to come will make me a person to whom children can turn and find a shoulder to lean on.

I am Mrs.Shanthi,wrking in St.Kevin’s for the past 16 years as a language teacher. I win the children’s attention and concentration by narrating stories prevalent in our society pertaining to the lessons.
I treat everyone equally and help the children who are not able to understand the subject to the best of my ability.

I Mrs. Joyce love little children and its worth loving them,  showing motherly love to every child, because each one is precious in God’s eyes.  Their good words and work should never go unnoticed.  Praise them and I get an immense joy to see their silvery smile and goodness to me.  I make work easy by giving a friendly helping hand to each and everyone.  Oh how I long to see their little hearts glad and the dark veil of sadness removed.  The seeds of my loving kindness which are sown in them with the help of the ‘Hearvest Giver’ has enriched them.  He will make each one blossom into beautiful flowers in God’s garden of Love.

I am Mrs. Prema, I teach Tamil to classes VIII – X. As Tamil is our mother tongue and one of the classical languages, I have taken it as a challenge to teach the children of my school. I make the language very simple so as to enable the children to understand the lesson well. And through my teaching I help my students to develop their language skills like Reading, Writing and Speaking clearly with correct pronunciation.
I am very proud to be a Tamil Teacher as I feel teaching Tamil is introducing one’s own mother to herself.

I am Mrs. Anuradha, working in St.Kevin’s for the past 17 years.  I take language for primary classes.  I am loved and respected by children of all age groups for the person I am.  I work according to my conscience and try to do my best in any activity or project that is entrusted to me.  My prayer is that I will live up to the expectations of my God, Superiors, colleagues and children for the years to come.

How pleasant it is to see Nature.  Nature unveils its beauty in its own way.  The morning sun – the light on our faces, radiates our face.  The wind which strikes – make our faces soft and supple.  The flowers that bloom – make us inhale the sweet aroma breathing into us a sweet and blessed life.
This is what happened to me when I stepped into the Old gates of St.Kevin’s, where once I was a student.  Now the Gate opened once more before me, not as a student but as a teacher.  As a teacher of Primary class, my life blossomed a new leaf as my little students sing, dance, shout, jump and learn with innocence and purity in their hearts.

I am Mrs. Diana , I know God created me for a special purpose and put me in a very special place with special people.  This special place is my second home.  As the song goes in USA for Africa “We are all a part of God’s great big family.  I consider their home as my great big family.

I consider teaching as a very noble profession, a vocation, and responsibilities given by the creator.  I did not choose this profession, it is a gift from God and I am accountable for every action of mine.  I need to give an account to the creator.  Every day I draw strength from the almighty  to carry me.  I enjoy each moment being with children, they are the image of the creator, “We become whatever we are committed to”.

I am Mrs. Sreeja Vinod, working as a Computer Teacher for the past 12 years.  The teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation.  We are now well into the computer age and having good technology skills has ever been more important. 

As a teacher I share the knowledge , tools and techniques necessary for students to develop the technological literacy they need.  Using Maths, Science and technology principles, I teach students problem-based learning skills through Computer practical activities, in which each and every student  will be involved.
Through my passion and interest in this field, I create a lasting interest among my students, who will soon be developing the future generation.

I am greatly honoured to serve in this prestigious institution.  I am working here for the past three years.  I find great pleasure in teaching the students science.  The  budding teenagers are a challenge to me and I take up this challenge and mould them accordingly to face the world with confidence and zeal.  I pray to god to fill me with the grace to accomplish my service with sincerity and dedication.

I thank God Almighty for giving me life to accomplish this noble task of teaching which He has entrusted to me in this prestigious institution.  As my day begins with a prayer for my children, teaching them is made easy.  Their subject matter is imparted with love and great kindness which enhances their love for the subject.  I greatly feel  filled with motherly love.  They confide their personal problems when we get a solution for it through our sincere prayers.  This intimacy has enabled me to earn the title ‘mother’

My journey of teaching in St.Kevin’s began in the year 2005.  I love my profession because I love children.  I dream the dreams of my students so that they may experience the joy of discovery and accomplish the goals set before them.
I believe that my work is a portrait of myself and I strive to autograph it with excellence.  I lean on God’s grace to inform the children, form and transform  the lives that are entrusted to me.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” – Prov 1:7

Called to serve.  For this is the will of God. I am Mrs. Roy, who entered St. Kevin’s in the year 1990 on the 6the of June.
Like a tree that was planted by the waterside, I felt that my vocation was that.  God has planted me to work in the lives of little ones, for you are chosen to serve and not to be served.  No matter where the winds dared, I felt the loving strength of my Lord to help me to battle through my teaching career.  And I have branched out in all direction giving rays of hope to my darling children.   A special thanks to the management, my family, friends and parents whom I’ve encountered in my day to day work.
There is no place like home but I say there is no place like school.  For it’s a place that has taught me to love, care, understand and to have compassion for my little ones.  And I do hope that they learn to live life to the fullest bearing fruits of love and values.

I am Mrs. Maria.  It’s a great honour and pride for me to serve in this institution. I am working here for the past 12 years.  I find immense pleasure in imparting  knowledge Science and I patiently mould the young teenagers entrusted to my care.  I find my students very enthusiastic and they enjoy my classes and this fills me with pleasure and delight.  I devoutly ask God to strengthen me to continue my service and accomplish my vocation as a teacher till the end of my career.I believe that education is knowledge, knowledge is power, Power is respect that results in happiness.

I’ve  been working in St.Kevin’s since August 2004 as a primary teacher.  “Little minds are great workshops”  .  It’s been a wonderful experience to teach the little ones because they are Little hearts of innocence and joy.
I love what I do and so, “My heart rejoices in all my labour”. – Eccl 2:10

I joined St.Kevin’s in the year 2003.  It’s been a joyous experience to be a teacher of the Primary Classes.  William H. Danforth says, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you its going to be a butterfly”.  So is it with each child.  Every child is a gift of God and its been a challenging task to train, mould and raise the children of the next generation.

My teaching career at St.Kevin’s began in the year 2004.  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to handle class Six for the past Six years efficiently.  I have found joy and peace in reaching and teaching children.  It’s been a challenge to shape and sharpen little minds.  I enjoy every teaching class and I have gained strength, courage and confidence from my loving students.  I always believe that children are my treasure which I take care with pleasure.  I value them and assure wishing them a bright future.

“Every calling is great when greatly pursued”  I feel I am called and chosen by God to work as a High school Teacher in St.Kevin’s.  I began my teaching in the year 2002.

Science is my favourite and best subject.  As it is said, “You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself”, so I do my very best to make science creative  and interesting.  I am never tired of learning and I have learnt many things from students, books, experience, events and other sources. I am open to new ideas and applications.  I set for and communicate high expectations to all my students and obtain great academic performance.  No matter how much I do, I feel its not enough so I press forward with perseverance and integrity to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects.

“A teacher is an investor – bartering time and effort for the wealth that cannot be counted”.  As a teacher, it has been a boon for me to invest my life in the students of St.Kevin’s since 2001.  Children listen, watch and learn from our lives.  They are like mirrors – who reflect out attitudes.  So I take time to value and encourage my students in all aspects believing that they will rise above their physical attributes to meet their full potential.
‘My duty is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible”.

I began my teaching career as a P.T. teacher in St.Kevins in the year 2001.  I consider myself blessed to work in this school.  The grace of God has helped me to motivate and train the students in various sports and events.  And they have brought laurels to our esteemed institution.
Each child is unique – each with a unique talent.  So I teach my students to recognize their individuality and live life with the motto, “The importance in games is not winning but taking part.” The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.

A gardner doesn’t raise a crop of roses.  He cultivates the flowers, one bloom at a time.  It’s the same with a teacher.  I bloomed as a student in the garden of St.Kevins from (1988 – 1998).  And in the year 2002 the Lord brought me back to my Alma Mater to serve as a teacher. 

Each student represents an opportunity to change the world.  A personal word, an encouraging note, a personal concern – it takes very little to make a great impact. 

I enjoy working with my teachers and I thank God for blessing me with Artistic talents.  I give my time, talent and energy and inspire my children to “Shoot for the moon.  Even if they miss it, they are sure to land among the stars.”

I am S. Sayeeda, teaching Hindi for classes VII – X.  I love the subject and I enjoy teaching it.  I thank the Almighty Allah for making me choose this noble profession and giving me the best school to teach in. 
As Hindi is the National language of India I would encourage the non-Hindi speaking children to learn Hindi.
As an Indian I believe in the concept: “We must live as children of Mother India and not only for the soil”
I like to follow in  the footsteps if Gandhiji.  Every Indian needs to learn the National language and take pride in teaching our National language to the young hearts.

I am Angela.  I am privileged and honoured to serve in this institution as a librarian.  I motivate the students to read good books and to consider books as their friend.  I encourage the students who visit the library to read the book they enjoy. I entrust myself into the Almighty’s hand and ask for His blessings for me to continue to deal with the children to develop their habit of reading and to enjoy the same.

Hello everybody I am ms rosemary and I entered this reputed institution in the year gives me a immense pleasure to be a part in this kevite family.. "Teaching is the only profession which creates all other profession"....A sincere thanks to the mangament and the staff who gave this opportunity to me.....I wish u all gods blessing.

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